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By submitting this form, I agree that my information will be used only in the context of my request and the ethical and personalized commercial relationship that may result from it.

Namaste !

I was well paid, but one day I left everything...

I am Julie, yoga teacher, ayurvedic therapist and guide…
Exhausted from working in companies in which I did not recognize myself.
Alone and far from my values.
I became a ghost, on automatic pilot to go to work.
Without fulfillment in all areas of my life.
This is what I had become after years of conditioning…
I left everything to allow myself to live and make my life an exceptional journey with Love and compassion.

What I left

I left a big company, I was afraid but I did it.

I made the choice not to take a salary anymore, to face my fears, the discomfort, the risks…, I wanted to blossom, to evolve, to learn, to HELP myself, to VIBRATE and above all to respond to my values.

And there was also this little phrase in my head that made me take the step: “you only live once”.

It was a victory over educational and societal conditioning, I wanted to live life simply. I didn’t want to survive anymore…

I became aware that after all these years, my mind and my wounds had extinguished my inner self, my abilities and my spontaneity. My behaviors, my emotions and my physicality did not reflect the person I am inside.

I stopped myself from living for years…
So I took a big leap and worked in parallel to heal my head and my body.

I took my horse, Harrisson Ford style, and went on an adventure to find my Lost Ark.

Understand by this that I was looking for my ship, my anchor, my Self, my true nature and therefore my path, after so many years of conditioning.

I also have in me this taste of the adventure, ...

To leave for the adventure to invest on myself by leaving everything…

It’s salutary !…No?

For that, I had to walk, to try, to fight to find the techniques which corresponded to me to get better and to find my way. A way that corresponded to my values and that answered my questions about life.

I experimented with a lot of techniques, not all of which were effective, but then you quickly come back to your problems. So I had to search, to experiment until the day I understood the functioning of my mind, my body and my soul.

Title 2 How to accept myself and rekindle my inner temple: yoga

Before becoming a yoga teacher and ayurvedic therapist, I became a sports educator in 2012. I love physiology, anatomy, everything about the functioning of the human body.

I loved accompanying and following the progress of each person…almost happiness….

But I was missing this sense of humanity and this sense of sharing. I got tired of running around just to do sports classes…What is the sense of running around without settling down, in the stress, in the sequence of classes in school or in association?

I had already been practicing yoga for a few years and I wanted to learn the philosophy and deepen my yogic practice.
So I went to India to take a yoga teacher program.


Since then, I have learned the 4000 year old sacred science of yoga. I have studied its philosophy, its practices, the postures, their benefits on the body and mind, the breath techniques to liberate, transcend the mind and recognize who I am. I am still learning because a lifetime is not enough to know all the science and the various branches of yoga.

Yoga is not a technique but a true science.
It shows us what we are:

All CAPABLE of joy,
Able to be resilient…
Able to be what we deeply are,
Able to be free in our actions and words,
Able to think and heal our wounds.
Able to understand what life is.

And some time later Ayurveda

Through my training as a yoga teacher in India, I also discovered Ayurveda (Indian medicine) which means the science of life.

Yoga and Ayurveda are intimately linked. It is a preventive medicine and a philosophy of life. It treats the individual as a whole, naturally with food, plants, lifestyle, yoga, meditation and many other techniques.

Ayurveda heals the ills of the soul as well as the physical. With yoga, it connects man to his true nature, it reconnects us to our senses and to the environment that surrounds us.

These 2 universes saved me from my demons by their medical, psychological and spiritual richness.

Today I AM.
They brought me to my life mission, to my possibilities, to my value in this world, to a culture that revealed to me my soul, my spirituality and what life really is.

You have to learn to love yourself to have a balanced life. The moment that made me realize what my life plan was was my first trip to India.

India is not a country like any other. Yes that’s for sure

This country has strong roots, a heart that gives meaning to our lives, an energy that transcends our beliefs and memories. India is a mother who teaches us life…

I bless the Universe for bringing me to this sacred land.

India has opened my heart, my eyes and my head. It offers me a beautiful energy. It welcomes me, nourishes me in the depths of my being, it has comforted me, it has contributed and still contributes to raise me a little more spiritually and professionally.

I was born a second time after all this suffering, anxiety, depression and exhaustion … but my determination saved me.

And allows me to accompany everyone who wishes to transcend their life and to alchemize it to become true.

I made die the one who had built herself through others, on what she was told to do or not, the one who did everything to be loved …. the one who was suffocating and suffering…

In short, what I want to say is that it is possible to change, to align ourselves, to be happy, to CHOOSE our life, to CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS because they choose our dreams or our death.

The universe took me to India and I chose to rebirth through the Vedic sciences.

I am in harmony with myself and my values today.
The only person who can help us is ourselves…
The only person who gives the impulse of change is also oneself!
Isn’t it worth it for you to choose a conscious adventure to find your life arc?
Find your true YOU, your balance, that’s all I wish for you because it is worth it!
Do you want to embark on learning yoga and Ayurveda?

Let’s have a look here and here:
I share my solutions with all the depth of my being and that of my heart.
You want to change, then move.
You want to stay where you are, it’s also good, you’re still in process.

With all my Love

Julie Le Beuze

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