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By submitting this form, I agree that my information will be used only in the context of my request and the ethical and personalized commercial relationship that may result from it.

Program - Training - Consultations

Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurvedic assessment and follow-up: a personalized natural health.

According to your needs, we look together for ways to improve your health.

I treat and help you to be healthy thanks to Ayurveda.

I determine your doshic constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), the associated dietetics, the protocols of daily life hygiene, the Indian pharmacopoeia and yogatherapy necessary to your condition.

  • Single ayurvedic consultation: 1 session of 1H00 = 80‚ā¨.
  • 3 months follow-up with 1 session per month for 3 months + bonus =55‚ā¨ per session
  • 6 months follow-up with 1 session per month for 6 months + bonus = 50‚ā¨ per session

Obesity and overweight program: lose weight and learn to love your body

Free initial individual Ayurvedic consultation:

  • Determination of your constitution
  • Personalized protocol and advice (Ayurvedic detoxification)

Module 1: Understanding the causes of your obesity or overweight:

  • Awakening to self-awareness
  • Understanding the main causes
  • Consequences and complications
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Reprogramming your mind and body

Module 2: Real Solutions with Ayurveda

  • Habits
  • How to prepare your food to benefit from its therapeutic¬† effects?
  • Which foods?
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Recipes for tasty meals without depriving yourself
  • Food strategy and my nutrition rules

Module 3: Yoga sessions, pranayama, mudras and meditation

  • How to practice
  • Ayurvedic assessment consultation

Assessment and action to take after 60 days of strategy

Personalized ayurvedic yoga class

Personalized yoga classes online or at home, based on the principles of hatha yoga and Ayurveda.

My personalized classes allow you to receive yoga sessions adapted to your constitution and/or your pathologies and imbalances.

To practice the asanas in a therapeutic way according to your needs at the moment.

I heal and help you to be healthy through Ayurveda and yoga

Prerequisite: an Ayurvedic consultation to know your health history and define your needs in order to rebalance you.

  • I determine your doshic constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), the associated dietetics,¬†
  • The protocols of daily life hygiene,¬†
  • The Indian pharmacopoeia and yogatherapy necessary to your condition.

1 free ayurvedic consultation and private yoga sessions

Circle of Ayurveddis Yogis

You receive a synergy of beautiful practices and lessons that can be:

Hatha Yoga or Yoga Therapy
How to eat healthy and ayurvedic?

What foods for what benefits?Which techniques to appease my mindWhat techniques for detoxifying me

Which techniques to cure my memories and woundsWhich techniques to lose weightWhich techniques to take care of my skinWhich techniques for my female cycle Exercises
Yogic philosophy for your current life
Meditations, original mantras ….

The more a monthly meeting to take stock, answer your questions and practice.

You know that together we all learn from each of each, this circle is a fulfilling community that advances in its path.

Vedic Connection Program

Finally a program that allows you to understand Ayurveda and to easily integrate it into your daily life!

A 5-week program that is fun and complete, designed for both the novice and the more experienced Ayurvedic practitioner.

It allows you to apply Ayurveda in your daily life and to do it step by step, in an intelligent and understandable way.

‚¶Ā 152 pages of 4 modules
‚¶Ā 43 videos of methods and yoga postures,
‚¶Ā Different meditation techniques adapted to your Ayurvedic constitution,
‚¶Ā Self-healing and autosuggestion techniques,
‚¶Ā A detailed guide of plants, herbal teas and oils to use according to the part of the body to treat or purify for your Ayurvedic constitution
‚¶Ā 1 group coaching once a week to take stock
‚¶Ā A personal Ayurvedic assessment at the end of the program of one hour by videoconference

Ayurvedic cooking

It is not always easy to know which foods balance our doshas and to cook accordingly.

This cookbook will help you:

‚¶Ā To choose the dishes adapted to your constitution (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) in order to be balanced.
‚¶Ā To save time by choosing a recipe corresponding to your physiology.
‚¶Ā To choose original and more common recipes for the pleasure of your taste buds

You will also find for each recipe:
‚¶Ā Its ayurvedic analysis
‚¶Ā The impact of each ingredient on your doshas
‚¶Ā Its ayurvedic tastes
‚¶Ā The best season to cook it
‚¶Ā Its therapeutic properties

More than 90 pages of ayurvedic recipes and explanations

Guide: Health and Ayurveda‚Äč

Ayurveda, a natural and traditional Indian medicine of more than 4000 years, takes into consideration the individual in his globality. 

It allows you to enhance your health, to prevent your imbalances due to your constitution

It treats the causes, it does not treat only the symptom like the allopathic medicine.

It is an essential guide to walk on the principles and apply them to your Ayurvedic constitution:

The tools:

‚¶Ā Discovering Ayurveda,
‚¶Ā Determine your Ayurvedic constitution,
‚¶Ā To know the precise diet adapted to your dosha…

Find and cultivate your calm

Naturally without spending tons of time, energy, and money! 

This tool kit will help you to have natural solutions : 

Yoga ethics, asanas, meditation and breathing practices specifically designed for relieving anxiety during stressful times. 

There’s also a workbook for your personal use to build your resilience because we need you to stay strong through this too!

Find and cultivate your calm in Time of crisis : 

5 Yoga brief practices:

  • Reducing stress & anxiety
  • Developping inner strength
  • Grounding Class
  • Breathing Technique 1
  • Breathing technique 2

8 Guided Meditation 

  • Alleviate Your Stress With Deep Breathe
  • Calming Ratio Breathing
  • Calming Chanting Breathing
  • Cultivating Calm
  • Humming Breath
  • Your Future Potential
  • Self-Hypnosis Affirmation
  • Taking Shelter


My wish through my spiritual retreats in India:

  • I assist you throughout your journey.
  • I offer my Renaissance Program and a journey into the heart of Hinduism and spirituality.

My Renaissance Program provides you with easy-to-implement Ayurvedic and yogic methods and techniques that focus on long-term results.

My rebuilding and healing methods, based on Ayurveda and the science of yoga, are accessible to all. 

They allow you to reconnect with who you are, regain your freedom and respect yourself. 

I am here to help you to live healthy, transcend your blockages and your sorrows, to live your life and not to dream it anymore.

I am here to pass on to you the secrets that have enchanted my life.

My program is created for people who need a foundation and who want to take charge of their lives in terms of nutrition, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually … It is a reconnection to oneself

I also offer Ayurvedic cures. 

Each of my programs allows you to discover the heart of India, to be close to the inhabitants for moments, unique emotions and especially sharing. 

The main thing for me is to fill your heart with joy, to give you the keys to open the doors, and to share together a wonderful moment of humanity, compassion and evolution.

A journey from the outside into the inside.

I will support you. 

French-speaking guide, yoga teacher and ayurvedic therapist will be on your side all this journey to discover your deep self and the beauty of India.

My trips are composed of 5 to 7 people maximum to create :

  • unique moments all together,
  • cohesion between us, in a privatized place
  • easy transportation and everywhere where we wish: from the smallest to the biggest place.
  • It is also easier and more respectful to visit and share moments with the locals in their villages.
  • I accompany you physically from 5 people until the end of our adventure

My values: sharing, heart, smile, compassion, love, authenticity and real life…

Free diagnostic call

Book a free 15 minute diagnostic call

  • You have decided to be responsible for your life
  • Treat and harmonize your overall health and regain your mental, physical and spiritual well-being naturally.

Book your free 15-minute call and let’s explore what you want from Ayurveda and yoga.

Here’s how it works:

I’ll answer some of your questions and share a bit about how I help my patients improve their imbalances or pathologies.¬†

If it makes sense, we can also book a longer call afterwards if we are both interested in working together. 

In either case, you will leave the call with additional clarity on how to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals share below how it helped you. Thank you!

I look forward to connecting with you! Julie P.S. If you’ve been on a call with me, feel free to share below how it helped you. Thank you!

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