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By submitting this form, I agree that my information will be used only in the context of my request and the ethical and personalized commercial relationship that may result from it.

How to use it ?

Sandal :purifies your interior by leaving a soft wooded odor. It will also help you find calm and serenity because it acts directly on the alpha waves of the brain. It’s an excellent meditation help

GĂ©ranium : has comforting and stimulating virtues for the Spirit. His perfume will lead you to adopt a positive and optimistic antidepressant and balancing look

Patchouli : Reduces blood pressure and improve mood. Used to soothe irritated nerves, balance the mind and body. Help recovering forces during hectic days. Recommended for people with depression problems and gives the strength to get rid of the past.

Patchouli incense is burned in prayer time, meditation or general self-realization.

It is also a natural insecticide

Lemongrass: antibacterial, antiseptics, deodorant; purifying and relaxing virtues. It is also an effective way to move mosquitoes and other insects.

Mint pepper: also stimulates intelligence and assimilation of new information. It provides protection, decision-making power, order and ecological awareness. It allows to recover the emotional balance and reconciles the family relationships

Grapefruit: remove appetite and reduces stress

Ylang Ylang: calming and balancing when you feel sad or stressed during a moment of confusion. Reduces tension and depression, restores self-confidence and has aphrodisiac virtues,

Vanilla: stimulates the nervous system and a general stimulant. The fragrances of vanilla incense are very soothing and relaxing. Thanks to its antispasmodic properties, vanilla helps fight stress. Vanilla is also a great aphrodisiac thanks to its volatile essences that stimulate the senses

Sunlass: Ideal for all spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.

Magnolia: His perfume promotes meditation and develops consciousness. He brings peace and harmony in itself and around you. It also soothes tensions and helps to find calm and relaxation

Guggul: To dry and / or disinfect the mucous membranes or to purify a place and enjoy its smell. It soothes stress and nervousness, promoting serenity, sleep and opening of nadis.

Lavander :  purifies the atmosphere and perfectly perfumes the house. Helps decrease anxiety, tension and depression and find calm and serenity. Fight insomnia and have a quiet sleep without nightmares.

Basilica: stimulus and stimulates the concentration and regain its clarity of mind. Intellectual stimulant, the basil promotes the achievement of high spiritual and psychic faculties while improving receptivity and protection. It soothes the anxieties, help in case of depression and can be useful for the nervous balance.

Rose : Rose increases love, compassion and devotion and gives a sense of security and spiritual harmonization. It promotes sleep, reduces anger, is anti-depressive, calm conflicts and instills a sense of peace, happiness and trust.

Frankincence [Boswellia Sacra]: It would have the property to slow down and deepen the breathing and wake up the superior consciousness, to help spirituality, meditation and prayer.

WARNING: The properties, indications and modes of use mentioned are derived from the works or reference websites. This information is given for informational purposes. They can not in any way constitute medical information, or engage our responsibility.

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