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21 Best Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips

Skin care for glowing

Here are some proven cleanser habits and Ayurvedic holistic skin care tips that you can include in your daily life. I also share what I’m able to practicing on my patients, teach them too for very nice results!

Ayurveda is not just about herbal remedies. It’s a way of life. It’s about adopting lifestyle habits that will make you the most beautiful you. Ayurvedic lifestyle tips for glowing skin and heal

Ayurvedic lifestyle skincare for glowing skin and healed

1. Rest to care your skin

Go to bed early and get up early. Besides making you healthy and wise, this practice protects your beauty skin. Having too many late nights and not getting enough sleep increases the number of inflammatory cells in your body that worsen and trigger skin problems, such as acne and dermatitis. In addition, they disrupt the skin’s moisture system, causing dry skin and rapid aging. You have to follow a mindful approach to beauty care practice, and regenerate.

2. Diet : the first secret for glowing skin

Care your diet for healthy skin

Don’t mix incompatible foods

Food is medicine. But can turn into poison when the wrong combination is made. Avoid these incompatible foods to take care of your skin and your health:

Milk and fruit: even if you like your bowl of yogurt mixed with fruit, avoid it. Fruits are digested quickly and milk takes time to digest. Thus, during the processing time, the fruit curdles the milk and creates acidity.

Milk and meat: avoid consuming dairy products (including desserts) with fish and meat. Fish warms your body while milk cools it. The combination of these contrasting foods clogs the vital channels (srotas) of the body.

Cold drinks before, during, after a meal: avoid drinking iced or cold drinks. This is because cold weakens agni, the digestive fire, and causes stomach and digestive problems. This also applies to frozen yogurt and ice cream after (or before) meals.

Ghee and honey: the two, in the same quantity, produce opposite reactions in your body. As the ghee cools, the honey heats up, which can cause an imbalance.

Listen my nutrition podcast series to care your guts and therefore your entire metabolism.

3. Stay Hydrated : Drink tea

It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink water and also sip herbal tea in between. Brew tea with herbs like chamomile, ginger or lemon and drink it in the afternoon to keep your digestion healthy. And a healthy digestive system is essential for glowing skin.

4. Consume vegetables for skin care

Vegetables rich in water can be digested easily and full of antioxydant. Vegetables such as carrots, radishes, lettuce, asparagus and fennel tips and cucumber are beneficial for all skin types. These are revered as purifiers.

9. Consumes seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts for skin nourishing

Seeds and nuts aren’t just for birds. In fact, adding them to your diet regularly keeps your skin healthy. They contain healthy fats that are good for your cardiovascular system as well as your skin as they also contain omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Regularly consume sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios and flaxseeds for glowing skin.

10. Reduce sugar and salt

High salt intake affects your blood pressure, which, in turn, increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, excess sugar and salt damage your skin’s collagen and elastin and these two compounds keep your skin elastic, toned and is anti-aging.

Stop sugar because it has an impact on insulin production which tends to get an oily skin.

5. Exercise for skin care

Not only is it good for your heart and lungs, but it’s also the key to a beautiful care routine and glowing skin. Exercise stimulates blood circulation, which in turn nourishes your skin cells and flushes out harmful free radicals and toxins.

6. Reduce your  stress

More than physical stress, mental stress can harm skin health. Controlled breathing exercises are a great way to release stress and calm your mind. Before going to bed, do a simple breathing exercise like Nadi shodana. Get peaceful mind before to sleep will help your body to rejuvenate better.

7. Meditate

You must be wondering how this can make your skin beautiful and glowing. Well, meditation helps calm your mind. When your mind is at rest, positive energy or “prana” flows through your body, flooding your cells with vital energy. It not only reduces stress but also rejuvenates your skin.

8. Moisturize your skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial. In addition to drinking enough water, treat yourself with oil massages. Oil massage or Abhyanga is an essential part of Ayurvedic skincare routine. Massaging your skin with plant oils not only relaxes your muscles and tissues, nourishes them, and also stimulates blood and lymph circulation. Take a hot shower after at least 20 minutes…

It is a good practice for skin toner.

In the evening there is no need to apply a cream before going to bed because it is during the night that the skin regenerates… if you apply a cream you clog the pores which do not cannot perform their regenerative work properly during rest.

11. Protect your skin from too much sun exposure

While a little sun exposure is a necessity to give your skin and bones the daily dose of vitamin D, too much exposure can be harmful. UV rays can cause tanning, sunburn, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Whenever you go out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, use an umbrella, hat or scarf to protect your skin.

In addition to improving your lifestyle habits, you need to stop smearing your skin with chemicals every day. Instead, switch to natural ingredients and remedies to keep it healthy. You will find these ingredients easily in your kitchen or refrigerator. Let’s look at a few.

 After these few principles, let’s move on to practice!

Skin care natural recipe

Natural skin care: no chemical use !

12. Orange to improve your complexion

Orange peel contains vitamin C and antioxidants that keep your skin clear and luminous. It is the perfect ingredient to make the Ayurvedic face mask for oily skin. It also minimizes acne breakouts. Dry the orange peels in the sun and powder them to use on your skin.

What do you need ?

• 1 tablespoon powdered orange zest

• 2 tablespoons yogurt


1. Mix the powder and yogurt.

2. Use a brush to apply it evenly on your face and neck.

3. Keep it for 20 minutes.

4. Wash.

13. Sandalwood and Turmeric for Acne Control

Sandalwood and turmeric are revered in Ayurveda for their antibacterial properties. Both are also widely used in Ayurvedic skin care. They kill acne-causing bacteria, cleanse the skin, tighten pores and prevent inflammation.

What do you need

• 1 tbsp sandalwood powder

• ½ tbsp turmeric

• 2-3 tbsp honey (adjust according to consistency)


1. Mix all ingredients together in a wooden bowl. glass.

2. Make a creamy paste.

3. Apply all over face and hold until dry.

4. Wash in cold water.

 14. Raw Potato for Pigmentation

Potato contains starch and has mild bleaching properties that help naturally fade pigmentation, dark spots and scars. Moreover, it also contains useful enzymes that prevent premature aging.

What do you need

• 1 potato

• Cotton ball


1. Grate the potato and extract the juice.

2. Dip the cotton ball in potato juice and apply on the affected area.

3. Leave on overnight.

4. Wash the next day.

15. Fenugreek  for anti-aging

Fenugreek leaves contain essential vitamins and minerals that are effective in treating many skin problems, including wrinkles. You can use both fenugreek leaves and seeds. Your skin absorbs it easily and you will see visible results with daily use.

What do you need

A handful of fresh fenugreek leaves (or 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds)


1. Grind the fenugreek leaves and make a fine paste.

2. Apply a thin layer of paste evenly all over the face.

3. If you are using fenugreek seeds, boil them in water and apply the water with cotton.

4. Leave for 30 minutes or one hour.

5. Wash off with lukewarm water.

16. Ghee massage for anti-aging benefits

Ghee has multiple benefits. It improves digestion and eliminates toxins from your system. And when you apply it to your face, it stimulates collagen production, keeps your skin hydrated and slows down the aging process.

What do you need

• ½ teaspoon of pure cow’s ghee

• A few drops of water


1. Mix water and ghee.

2. Apply the mixture to your face and massage for 10 minutes in circular motions.

3. Let your skin absorb it for at least half an hour.

4. You can leave it overnight if you want.

5. Wash with a mild cleanser.

17. Tulsi Leaves for Instant Glow 

The benefits of tulsi are second to none. From fighting common ailments to keeping your skin healthy, this wondrous herb holds a special place in Ayurvedic skin treatment. Tulsi leaves can even out your skin tone and make your skin glow.

What do you need

• A handful of tulsi (basil) leaves

• 1 tablespoon raw milk


1. Grind the tulsi leaves to make a paste.

2. Mix well with raw milk to give it a pasty consistency.

3. Apply face mask and leave for 20 minutes.

4. Wash in cold water.

18. Chickpea flour for dark spots removal

Chickpea flour or besan is readily available in Indian kitchens and has amazing cleansing and antimicrobial properties. It is best to remove dark spots, tan and pigmentation.

What do you need

• 2 tbsp gram flour

• ½ tsp lemon juice (diluted)

• 1 tsp milk (or yoghurt or cream)


1. Mix well all the ingredients and spread the sachet on your face. Avoid the eyes.

3. Allow to dry completely.

4. Wash off with lukewarm water.

19. Chamomile and soil for skin toner

Chamomile is known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. When mixed with fuller’soil or multani mitti, it tightens pores, prevents breakouts and tones your skin to make it clear and bright.

What do you need

• 1 cup chamomile tea (steep strong)

• 1 tbsp soil

• 2 tsp honey


1. Combine all ingredients and make a paste.

2. Distribute evenly over your face and neck.

3. Leave on until it dries, then wash off with lukewarm water.

20. Sandalwood and Yogurt: Cleanser and Moisturizer

Sandalwood is a common ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine for glowing skin. It deeply cleanses it, kills germs and bacteria, and leaves it fresh and luminous. Yogurt has a brightening and moisturizing effect on your skin. It reduces blemishes and extra fat.

What do you need

• 1 tsp white sandalwood powder

• ½ tsp milk

• ½ tsp yogurt

• ½ tsp turmeric powder


1. Combine all ingredients to make a paste.

2. Use a brush to spread it evenly all over your face and neck.

3. Leave on for 20 minutes or until it’s dry and your skin feels taut.

4. Wash in cold water.

21. Saffron and Aloe Vera for glowing skin

Aloe Vera for skin healing

Saffron or kesar is among the most expensive spices in the world. It’s a time-tested spice that nourishes your skin and keeps it radiant and blemish-free. Aloe vera soothes your skin and reduces inflammation.

What do you need

• A pinch of saffron strands

• 1 teaspoon of milk

• 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel


1. Soak the saffron strands in milk. Leave to act all night.

2. Next day, mix well with aloe vera gel.

3. Apply on your face for half an hour.

4. Rinse with cold water.

Coming back to nature and immersing yourself in its healing source is the best way to say “I love you” to your skin. You don’t need to follow all the Ayurvedic healing tips at once. Try adopting these habits slowly.

But taking care of your skin isn’t just about masks, the beauty of your skin also comes from the quality of the food you eat and the quality of your digestion…

If you feel some disorders with your digestion, join my facebook group to undertsand why and solve it or listen my nutrition podcast series.


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