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Ayurvedic Herbs and Remedies

Welcome to the enchanting world of Ayurvedic herbs and remedies, where the wisdom of ancient healing traditions meets the wonders of nature.

Ayurveda, a time-honored holistic system of medicine, has been nurturing humanity for over 5,000 years. It embraces the profound connection between the human body, mind, and the natural elements, aiming to restore balance and harmony within.  

In this captivating journey, we will delve deeper into the diverse realm of Ayurvedic herbs and their remarkable role in promoting vitality and addressing a wide array of health conditions, unlocking their potential benefits, and considering essential precautions to ensure a seamless and secure integration into our lives.

Nature’s Bounty Unveiled for Holistic Health and Well-Being

Plants and animals exhibit a greater sense of caring than some individuals who have become emotionally distant in their isolated human perspective. Only when we start perceiving all things as having human-like qualities can we truly lead a compassionate and humane life. The wisdom imparted by plants and herbs, rooted in their interconnectedness with nature, helps us rediscover our true selves and fosters a deeper understanding of humanity.

Plants convey the vital-emotional impulses, the life-force that is hidden in light that they receive. That is the gift, the grace and the power of plants.

Plants gift us with the love and nourishing energy of the sun, a radiant force shared by all stars and light sources.

Plants, as cosmic messengers, provide us with nourishment that goes beyond their physical nutritive value.

Their energies nourish and support our astral body, enabling its growth and sustenance. They offer not just their own life-sustaining properties but also the profound light and love from the stars and the cosmos. By embracing these gifts, we can connect with the universal light and embark on a journey towards universal life. They serve not only our physical needs but also play a crucial role in our psychological nourishment and well-being.

Using a plant or herb correctly, unlocking its true potency, involves establishing a deep connection or communion with it. When we become united with the plant, it revitalizes our nervous system and enhances our perception. This sacred approach recognizes the plant as a means of communion with all of nature, instilling a sense of reverence for the plant kingdom held by many ancient civilizations.

This reverence is not rooted in superstitious awe or a mere appreciation of beauty, but rather in the profound acknowledgment of the inherent power and gifts that plants bestow upon us.

“The essence of all beings is Earth. The essence of the Earth is Water. The essence of Water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being.”

“Esam bhutanam prthivi rasha, prthivya apo raso-pam osadhayo rasa, osad-hinam puruso rasah.”Chandogya Upanishad l.1.2.

Herbal energetics

Ayurveda approaches herbs through a science of energetics. The properties of herbs are related systematically according to their taste (rasa), elements (bhutas), heating or cooling effects, effect after digestion (vipaka) and other special potencies they may possess.

It gives us a structure in which they can easily be identified and understood. From that, they can be used properly for the individual constitution and condition.

Learn how to choose and how to prepare it is become autonomous for your care

The foundation of Ayurvedic comprehension of herbs lies in the system of herbal energetics, which plays a pivotal role. Similarly, Chinese herbalism follows a comparable approach, employing a system based on taste and energy.

You can understand now why herbalism cannot be learnt in one day. And to treat at the root and adequalty a person we need also to understand ayurvedic principles.

Embracing the Essence of Ayurveda:

The foundation of Ayurveda lies in the belief that each individual is unique, characterized by a distinct dosha composition – Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. The doshas govern our physical, mental, and emotional traits and dictate how our bodies respond to various stimuli. When these doshas are in harmony, we experience good health, but when they fall out of balance, ailments may arise. Ayurvedic herbs are carefully chosen to restore this balance, guiding us back to a state of wholeness.

Unveiling the Magic of Ayurvedic Herbs:

Each herb holds its captivating story and distinctive set of healing powers.

I share with you some simple and efficient remedies that you can use for your personal use and needs. Dosage require to know your conditions to be effective in the treatment. You cannot apply a general dosage because as said below, in ayurveda each one is unique with its medical history.

Ashwagandha – The Resilience Elixir:

Ashwagandha is the revered adaptogenic herb known for its exceptional ability to bolster our resistance to stress. Fondly called the “Indian ginseng,” Ashwagandha nourishes the nervous system, enhances energy levels, and bolsters overall vitality, helping us brave the storms of modern life with renewed vigor. You can find a complete article here. Ashwagandha offers so many beautiful and powerful other healings for you.

Turmeric – The Golden Healer:

Behold the golden brilliance of turmeric, nature’s radiant gift to humanity. Blessed with the potent compound curcumin, turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herb. Its nurturing touch soothes joint pain, aids liver function, and uplifts our immune defenses, making it an indispensable ally in our pursuit of wellness. Always use it with a black pepper.

Triphala – The Triad of Wellness:

The trinity of rejuvenating fruits, Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki are known as Triphala. This trio synergizes to cleanse and purify, providing gentle yet profound support to our digestive health, promoting regular bowel movements, and guiding us towards harmonious well-being.

Brahmi – The Mind’s Nectar:

Step into the realm of Brahmi, the herb that nourishes our intellect and empowers our cognitive prowess. Known for its brain-boosting qualities, Brahmi fosters memory retention, enhances mental clarity, and amplifies our ability to navigate the complexities of life with a sharpened mind. It also calm the monkey mind and you can use Brahmi oil to relax it by applying on your head, preferably warm.

Neem – The Nature’s Shield:

Feel the nurturing embrace of Neem, a potent herb celebrated for its versatile antimicrobial properties. This guardian of skin health stands tall as a time-tested remedy for various skin conditions, from acne and eczema to supporting oral hygiene, ensuring we radiate a glow of vitality inside and out. It is used to clean the guts from parasites and worms too.

The Digestive Elixir – Unlocking the Magic of Ginger, Cumin, and Fennel:

These aromatic herbs compose a soothing symphony for our digestive system, gently alleviating indigestion, bloating, and gas. Let the magic of spices infuse your meals and ignite your culinary experience, nurturing your gut and bringing harmony to your inner fire.

Breath of Life – Trio of Tulsi, Licorice, and Vasaka:

This trio is a liberation for the respiratory system. Tulsi, the sacred basil, soothes inflamed airways, while Licorice calms coughs and Vasaka acts as a respiratory tonic.

Embracing Slumber – Jatamansi and Shankhpushpi:

Lay your worries to rest as Jatamansi and Shankhpushpi lead you on a tranquil journey to dreamland. These soporific herbs weave of calmness, easing insomnia’s grip and inviting you into a realm of restful slumber, where the body and mind rejuvenate.

Easing the Pain – Guggul and Shallaki:

Let the powerful duo of Guggul and Shallaki calm the storm of joint pain and arthritis. Their anti-inflammatory prowess soothes achy joints, allowing you to revel in the joy of movement once again, unshackled by discomfort.

Women’s Nourishing Allies – Shatavari and Lodhra:

Witness the nurturing grace of Shatavari and Lodhra as they shower their support upon women’s reproductive health. From hormonal balance to easing menstrual discomfort, these gentle herbs embrace the divine essence of femininity.

Infusing Life with Ayurvedic Herbs:

Different forms of plants can be made infusion, decoction, balm…

Picture yourself savoring the delightful essence of Ayurvedic herbs as they weave their magic into your daily life:

Sip on invigorating herbal teas to start your day with a burst of vitality.

Embrace self-massage (Abhyanga) with nourishing herbal oils, caressing your body with love and care.

Indulge in aromatic herbal baths, allowing the herbs’ grace to cleanse and soothe your senses.

Precautions – Nurturing Safety and Harmony:

As with any powerful healing art, caution is essential. Delve into the importance of seeking professional guidance with me as a qualified Naturopath and Ayurvedic practitioner. Learn about potential herb-drug interactions and the significance of tailored approaches, ensuring the herbs’ safe integration into your life. It is also the best way to be autonomous for your care.


These sacred herbs, revered for millennia, hold the keys to unlocking the gates of well-being and transformation at the physical, psychological and energetics level.

It must be preserved from our disrespectful, polluting and destructive behavior. I hope that mankind will soon realize that it is at one with her, so that we can preserve this purity in our care and connection to our divinity.

The wisdom of Ayurveda invites us to embrace the harmony between ourselves and the natural world, fostering a deeper connection to the essence of life itself. As we savor the profound magic of Ayurvedic herbs, we embark on a journey of wholeness and fulfillment, guided by the timeless wisdom of the ancients.

As a reminder, you can get a free call with me here, to know how to learn, to talk about your health conditions… And improving your life by getting autonomous.


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