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Self-healing: the truth about body energy

Healing lifestyle

Before to practice body cleansing and self-healing, it is always good to have some knowledges which did not come out of a wizard’s hat but from science and long time before from the knowledge of the Rishis [Indian sages] about 4000 years ago.

What you should know about your body energy

We do not have a single physical body, we have bodies, one of which is physical, palpable, and several energetic bodies that originate in the physical body and, less dense than it.

All in this world is composed by atoms.

What is an atom : your body energy healing?  

The atom has a central nucleus surrounded by electrons. The electrons are connected to the nucleus by an electromagnetic force
Yes electromagnetic force
We can call that in common language : energy

The energetic bodies are closely linked to our physical body. They act on the health of the physical body, but also on our psycho-emotional health and aim at that.

We do not have a single physical body, we have bodies, one of which is physical, palpable, and several energetic bodies that originate in the physical body and, less dense than it, exceed it by several meters.

This is why it is important to take care of our energy bodies. To take care of them, it is to take care of its being in its totality in a link body-spirit.

Recharge your energy bodies to heal

There are many ways to recharge your energy bodies

To take care of them is to take care of one’s being in its entirety in a body-mind link.

What you give off and what you feel is directly related to the type of energy you carry.

So you understand that is important to clean like you are brushing your teeth after meals
otherwise wastes will stay there and compromising the balance by creating a nest of bacteria and therefore diseases.

It is the same phenomenon with your energy.

If you are surrounded by mostly negative thoughts, a toxic environment, as much by the quality of the air as by the people around you, if you eat mostly junk food, you understand that your energy is not the purest and that it is therefore necessary to do something to preserve and increase your life force.

More you feel stressed more you increase inflammation everywhere in your body.

That’s mean that you increase toxicity in your body.

Improving your health and your energy can be done step by step, quickly and very easily.

Healing is a process but you have to decide your self to do it.

The energy bodies and their roles in healing

Self-healing and Koshas

The human body, like all matter, is made up solely of energy.

This energy is condensed and palpable. There are also other bodies that are more difficult to see and feel. These different energy bodies are of a faster frequency than the physical human body. They are superimposed on the physical body and exceed it.

The different energy bodies and the physical body are in constant and close relationship. A physical problem has its origin in an energy body.

The human body is energetic before it is biological:

– The researcher Georges Lakhovsky has demonstrated that cells are mini-transmitters/receivers mainly because of their DNA. They are also oscillating mini-systems in more or less close relation with their close environment (like cells, adjacent tissues) and their distant environment (the universe).

Cells emit photons, therefore light, therefore waves.

– The body uses electricity for its functioning.

– The human body constantly needs cosmic and telluric energy to live.

Moreover, emotions and thoughts are also of a vibratory and energetic nature.

They are “lodged” in the energetic bodies of the human being and directly impact the physical body.

All this explains why energetic care is important for the preservation of the physical and mental health of people, but also of all living beings.

There are 5 layers in our body that we call Koshas in yoga and vedic practices:

Anna-maya kosha : the physical body

This first layer is called the body of food (anna), of organic matter, it is so called because it is made of it and it is dependent on it. Food (including water and oxygen) is the grossest form of prana (vital breath).

In our yoga practice, we interact at the Anna-maya kosha through postures (asanas), movement, tissue manipulation, and fasting.

2. Prana-maya kosha : the vital body

This envelope is made of vital energy (prana) with which it nourishes every cell of the physical body. In it is read the health of the physical body. Before being physical, illnesses have their energy imprint in this body (energy leaks, blockages, depression). This envelope is linked to the blood system and the kapha dosha.

Nadis Prana flows through the ( energy channels) and the chakras. the Prana spine, the sushumna where the main chakras. Each chakra will provide the necessary energy to the organs of its floor.

Prana is declined in 5 Vayus (winds, vital breaths): Prana Vayu, Apana Vayu, Samana Vayu, Udana vayu and Vyana vayu.

They are fundamental for physical, mental and emotional well-being. To act on prana-maya kosha, one must practice pranayamas, kryas, dynamic cleansing exercises such as prana vyayama (breathing exercises) and sukchma vyayama (is the system of yogic practices that loosens your joints and removes energy blockages This system thus has a strong purifying effect, thereby increasing body energy.Yogic Sukshma Vyayamas (Relaxing and Strengthening Practices) are safe, rhythmic and repetitive stretching movements.). 

Mano-maya kosha : the mental and sensory body

Is composed of our mind and the 5 senses. It is the second envelope of our subtle body.

This is the system of sensations and emotions, judgments and thoughts that constitute our mind. Manas means “mind” in Sanskrit. All bodies are intimately linked. Thus the agitations in the mind, which is the most unstable envelope of all, disturb the lower koshas (1 and 2) and can block the higher koshas (4 and 5).

Remember, when we are angry our body blushes, the energy spins and we completely lose our sense of intuition and all the more joy. It’s fully against your healing.

The function of the mind is to receive information from the outside via the 5 senses, to transmit it to the intellect which manages and gives the order to act through the organs of action.

This is why yoga works a lot with the mind and the calming of the senses. This envelope is linked to the endocrine system and the pitta dosha.

Vijnana-maya kosha : the body of intellect and intuition

From our inner world arise thoughts, but the things that arise from a deeper and more subtle level are inner certainties that come from our body of wisdom, composed of intuition and knowledge responsible for discernment.

When thoughts subside, our inner voice can speak to guide us. Intuition simply expresses itself through consciousness, the part of ourselves that observes objectively. This is possible when we stop identifying with our thoughts, our emotions and become a witness of our life and our spirit. This envelope is reinforced by the control of the mind.

It is necessary to silence the mind to hear intuition and access the universal divine wisdom that is within us. It is not possible to develop intuition if the mind is agitated. The different techniques to develop this envelope are practices of concentration on the breath, sensation in the body, chanting of mantras, japa, yoga nidra and various techniques of self-observation, meditation.

But, it is also working on our convictions with the sankalpa (positive affirmation) because they create our thoughts, the thoughts create the pranic disturbances and the latter create disturbances at the level of the tissues. When we are in a state of extreme concentration, we fall into meditation and it makes vijnana-maya kosha grow.

This envelope is related to the nervous system and the vata dosha.

Ananda-maya kosha: causal body

This envelope, the 5th belongs to the causal body, the soul. It is our bliss body, composed of bliss, the deepest layer of our being.

It is our personal Self in connection with the Universal Self, filled with ecstasy, goodness, freedom, contentment, joy: ananda.

To penetrate this envelope, one must be in a state of deep meditation.

All our yoga practices exist to awaken us to this body, to our true nature, and so it becomes natural to feel the universal Self and to be awakened to what is beyond ourselves.

This body of bliss, unalterable and luminous, reveals itself after years of assiduous practice, sadhana.

This state of bliss can be felt during kirtan, meditation, yoga nidra.

To make this envelope grow, it is necessary to connect to the source, to watch a sunset, to make a pilgrimage, to be in direct reception with the divine energy of a master, of a place which vibrates very high, to meditate, to sing and kirtans.

Thus the Vedas (sacred Hindu texts over 4000 years old) enlighten us about the complexity of our being!

We see that the physical body and each of the subtle bodies are very dependent on each other. Purification of any of the koshas is beneficial to our spiritual progress and the expansion of consciousness as a whole.

How to heal and improve your health in just a few moments?

Healing environment

With quick and regular practice.

You will elevate health and emotions and then you will be able to heal or improve wounds, illness and imbalances, such their degree of severity.

Feeling more peace, feeling more energy, and in short feeling alive isn’t that bad Finally it is the goal of life… to live fully

Your body is capable of self-healing. We are made with natural self-healing mechanisms.

To activate them, we have to learn to relax, calm down and spend more pleasant moments.

This is simple.

Listen to your body and develop the connexion with it. I shouldn’t talk like that 
 I’m talking about 2 entities body and mind
but they are one, they have to be one. And if they are one you will feel complete and in peace.

You can find different methods suitable for different personalities:


  • To meditate.
  • Yoga to feel and reconnect your body to be one : your body plus your mind.
  • To breath with simple technics called pranayama. It is detoxifying, relieving stress, resolve emotional and physical blockages.
  • To shift your energy flow and turn into negative to positive feelings.

There is many ways to do it, but I will give you the more easy, quick and efficient way to do it.

How to do a do an energy rebalancing

Exercice: The light shower

You can do this exercise at any time, when you are feeling a little tired or just like that, when the mood strikes you. It is the same basis as the “energy shower” seen above.

– Take the time to center yourself by taking a few deep breaths.

– Visualize a shower over your head. This shower is not sending water, but regenerative energy. Give it a basic golden color, but if it changes color, let it be, you naturally have the intuition to visualize what you need.

– Visualize and feel that this energy swells your aura and enters the cells of your skin, then those of your body more and more deeply.

– Inwardly affirm, “I am receiving universal energy, it is gently recharging me, I am grateful, thank you.”

– Feel your energy swell, your dynamism return, you are gently recharging.

Tip: you can take advantage of the moment in your day when you take a real shower to do the practice. Visualize that the water coming out of the shower head is carrying this universal energy that recharges you.

You want other methods for healing, please dive here 😘


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