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By submitting this form, I agree that my information will be used only in the context of my request and the ethical and personalized commercial relationship that may result from it.

Fatigue, Tiredness, Lack of energy, Difficulty to wake up…?

Perfect health, psychological and physiological balance and awakening of consciousness is your momentum… And these are the goals of Ayurveda. Be far of fatigue, stress and lack of energy.

If you apply its principles, you will find harmony between your consciousness, your mind and your body. You will win against fatigue and exhausted feeling.

Gain in peace to remove your fatigue

You are an integral part of nature and not a separate entity from the universe. It is the same consciousness and intelligence that integrates the human mind, body and nature as a whole.

Western medicine has always considered man as an isolated entity separated from his environment, nature and the cosmos, unlike Ayurvedic medicine.

How Ayurveda can treat your fatigue?

Through Ayurveda and Vedic tools you will discover different strategies that allow you to find your state of peace, energy and inner harmony in your consciousness and in your body. You will correct your imbalances, your symptoms in order to bring you in a coherence of spirit and health. [see my first article on Ayurveda : Why Ayurveda is essential for you? – Yoga and lifestyle medicine (

The body is made up of a flow of energies and information that is constantly renewed on the basis of our thoughts, our emotions, our diet and our environment. If all of that are wrong or not balanced, fatigue and chronical fatigue are happening.

When your thoughts and emotions are balanced,

That your diet is adapted to your needs,

That your way of life or your philosophy of life corresponds to what we really are inside,

Then our body and our mind work in a balanced way and our immunity is reinforced.

On the contrary, when the mind is agitated and tense, it is the cause of all our problems by creating imbalances, illness, discomfort, lack of serenity and happiness. Maybe you could also check this article : Can Having Anxiety Make You Feel Tired?. It can help you to understand more about fatigue and stress.

I have been following Ayurvedic principles for almost 7 years. I feel clear in my body and in my mind, I no longer suffer from fatigue, stress and anxiety, I have lost weight, I have developed a very intuitive relationship with my body, I recognize its messages and act accordingly to find balance.

And you know, without resorting to very advanced methods, you can also use Ayurveda and Vedic knowledge in an intelligible and simple way to practice it and change your quality of life.

How can you heal your fatigue?

Use natural tools and your inner power to heal fatigue

By discovering who you are, what makes you up… your doshas.

They are You and once you understand them well you can build your way to more health.

What you implement in your life to feel better and enhance your life? Tell me in comment 😉

So in the next article, I will talk to you about your ayurvedic constitution and your doshas…each one is unique.

Become yourself again! And take care of yourself.

Hari Om


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