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Why Ayurveda is essential for you?

True Life

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine that defines a behavioral and health pathway to be implemented. It meets the needs of your true self.

Because by modifying your lifestyle, food habits, mental thinking and emotions in a healthy way, you will get more energy, get sick less often and you will become your own witness. You realize what you are doing wrong for your mental and physical health and spheres of your life.

The four ayurvedic pillars to manage any health condition are :

  • Ahar (food and wellness) is about what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, how much to eat and what not to eat.
  • Vihar (recreation and wellness) comprises of three components – relaxation, recreation and relationships.
  • Achar (routines and patterns) is about how to set and follow routines to improve your lifestyle.
  • Vichar (positive thought patterns) is to be in a conductive frame of mind.

How Ayurveda can help you?

Ayurveda defines your true mind, body and spiritual constitution as you are through diagnostics. It defines your birth constitution and your imbalances which has grown through your life.

So you will get access to your true self and true constitution changing your life habits, mind, limited beliefs and through natural practices.

Be aware of who you are, how you are, what you do, what and how you think and what you eat is a way that we call awareness. This is the way to cure and find your way of life. It is incredibly true in its definition of our being and it gives us the keys to live in healthy and in harmony with our body and mind.

Why you should bring Ayurveda into your life?

Depression, anxiety, stress, imbalances…

Today we were taken to a lifestyle conformity even in the most intimate circle instead of listening to ourselves because… We no longer know how to listen to ourselves!

Ayurveda brings me this deconditioning to bring me back to my true needs: physically, mentally and spiritually!

I feel clear in my body and mind, cure my overweight and anxiety.

All imbalances present at the level of your physical body are only the reflection of disturbances installed at the mental and emotional level which are themselves the result of your lack of peace, lack of clarity and lack of consciousness.

We became Robots

But, Ayurveda it is partly in conflict with the western world because the way of life in the West goes against our true nature and destroys it, making most people stressed, sad and out of their sneakers. We have become robots with no conscious of ourselves and life. Hopefully things are changing and both medicines start to work together.

Ayurveda, more than 4000 years old and then written in several medical treatises called Vedas, is a medicine for all humans on this planet but also a technique of personal development in itself!

Today we find these concepts in the field of personal development which were already defined by Ayurveda 4000 years ago! (Meditation, yoga, culture of the present moment, food habits …). Why? Because we lost the knowledge, we don’t learn that at school!

Ayurveda and Yoga invite you to dive deep into ourselves in order to eliminate the cause of these imbalances imprinted in your consciousness and to experience your own healing owing to yourself and what you put in your body [foods, behaviour, thoughts….]

And changing is always depending on you and your will 😘.

If you get really down, you will have this power to change. You will want to learn about yourself and know what your body and mind really needs.

Ready to reactivate your healing power?

👉Write yes in comment to activate it in the matter.

It’s time to be real

Take care of yourself, be well, be kind, be love!

Om shanti

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