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Pitta dosha and remedies

In this article I want to focus on Pitta dosha because Pitta has started to increase in our body due to the coming of summer. I will give you advices and remedies related to diet and body, mental and spiritual health. All of them can be very useful if you have a Pitta Dosha Body Type. 

If you don’t know your body type you can learn about Prakriti here.

Pitta dosha prakriti

Common observation on Pitta people

Pitta Skin and remedies

Pitta type have a warm body and you can feel when you touch them. They have excess facial marks, freckles, wrinkles and black moles.

Care for your skin: uou can use facial sandalwood paste, rose water, licorice creams.

Care for your body: practice massage of your body skin with coolant oil such as Coconut oil. Try to wear a cap or use an umbrella whenever going under hot sun.

Pitta hair, nails,  hair growth and joints and remedies

Hair is most of the time soft with less quantity on scalp, mustache and body and are grey early. You can also have loss of hairs and be bold.

Daily oil massage with Mahanarayana oil is beneficial for your loose and soft muscle.
If you do not have time for full body massage, at least apply a bit of oil to the knees and lower back, 30 minutes before bath, everyday.

Pitta Talk

You are smart and have sharp talk. People feel you like an expert with a sharp mind. Sometimes you can intimidate while you are talking and you try to control the discussion with your own words. Sometimes you can also monopolize conversations.

So it is better to be friendly, less argumentative and give others the chance to express their opinion. To resume: listen more.

Pitta sleep and remedies

As a pitta person you sleep less to moderate. If you feel that you miss sleep and you are little bit nervous do head massage with amla oil once a day and apply it to your feet before going to bed. It keeps the body and mind calm and induces deep sleep.

Pitta eyes

Eyes and remedies for Pitta

You often feel burning sensation in eyes so you can use rose water or cucumber slice to relief. Another preparation called triphala ghrita can be used.

About your sexual health

Pitta people have low quality semen and ova and a low sexual appetite and less off-springs.

To enhance semen and sexual desire, sweet, coolant aphrodisiacs are useful. Eat dry fruits such as dates, raisins and almond. You can also add cucumber, ash gourd, saffron, and organic milk in your diet. Herbal preparation are also used according to the conditions.

Pitta Mental aspects and remedies

It is difficult for Pitta people to face difficult situations, he is getting angry quickly  but calm down also quickly

Then it is necessary to counter this natural nature of Pitta by practicing Yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Cold or hot sensitivity

He has lot of difficulty to manage the heat from outside but also from food like spices.

It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight in the afternoon and the excess of spices.

Hunger and thirst of Pitta

If you are Pitta prakriti mainly, you have excessive hunger, thirst and a strong digestion power but you are prone to gastritis.

Then you should always carry a bottle of water with you and avoid fasting.

For your meal, don’t use too much spices and take food at regular intervals.

Don’t eat heavy foods such as non veg, oils and fats, ewd only in small portions.

Conversely, avoid light food to digest because as a Pitta person you will feel hungry very quickly.

You can eat large quantities of food but control over-eating. Be always aware in your diet plans. You can also include a few bitter vegetables such as gourd, bay leaves, turmeric etc…

Pitta and Exercise

Please, practice moderate amount of exercise otherwise Pitta will increase to high if you exercise hard every day or often in the week.

And sweating due to excess of exercices is not recommended for your skin and your overall health.

Diet for Pitta

Ayurveda principles follow the basics of Nature. Main remedy for Pitta is to avoid everything hot.

If you follow me, if not and interested, please subscribe to my ayurvedic and yoga tips for your health here, you know that ayurveda classifies body constitution based on three factors: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Now you know that people with Pitta predominance will have features such as feeling excessive heat most of the time, having frequent stomach and digestion related disorders, who see fire in their dreams, having  redness in eyes, face, palms and feet. These are only some key features.

Pitta food remedies

Below you have a list of food that should be a part of your pitta diet. All those food are calming pitta: 

Ghee – 
Click to know How to make ghee according to Ayurveda
Azuki bean is coolant and sweet in taste and useful for heavy periods.
Lotus seed
Sugarcane calms Pitta and clean kidney and bladder cleansing.

Pointed guard is good for liver.
Date used daily calm pitta.
Fennel seeds  also good natural mouth freshener herb.

Neem leaves or powder: chew neem leaves if you find some or make an infusion. Neem improves the skin.
Turmeric – used it regularly in your cooking. Anti- cancer property and scientifically proven.
Rose water, rose petals. Also helpful to reduce acidity
Coriander is an excellent natural cleanser.

Cucumber, can be also use forface pack
Amla take it with jaggery.

Coconut and coconut oil

General rule is that all sweet tasting food are Pitta pacifying in nature.

Fruits: sweet apple, sweet grapes, apricots, sweet berries, guava, ripe sweet mangoes, water melon, papaya, sweet orange, pears, plums, prunes, ripe black currant fruit, water chestnut, sweet mango.

Vegetables: sweet, astringent and bitter vegetables like ssparagus, cooked beets, carrot, green beans, corn (fresh and organic), cucumber, dandelion, kale, lettuce,  parsley, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, wheatgrass, sprouts,

Grains: barley, granola, oats, pancakes, rice basmati and wild, spelt sprouted, wheat bread (no white wheat), tapioca, ghee, cheese, cottage cheese…

Legumes: black beans, kidney beans, mung beans, mung dal, pinto beans, soya beans,  soy cheese, soy milk, tofu, almonds soaked and peeled.

Foods to avoid for Pitta type

Sour mango, mustard, fenugreek, cinnamon, chillies, pepper, asafoetida, cumin seeds, black cumin, flaxseed oil, thyme, tulasi, basilic, fenugreek, pepper-grass…

All of these foods are basic example, of course you have other food which can increase your Pitta.

And if you are a high Pitta person, check here for the ideal dynacharya.

Dont’ forget food is the first key for healthy living.

Sat Nam



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