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Your therapy by Ayurveda

Find your balance and therapy with Yoga and Ayurveda

Namaste dear soul

Hope you start your day with beautiful energy inside. It determines the rest of your day, and you know that. Start positive and your day will be different. Find your routine and you will change your way.

In the last article : Know your doshas to be healthy – Yoga and lifestyle medicine (, I gave you a quizz to find your constitution. Today I want to go further giving you keys to know you more deeply and find later your own therapy.

Such your biological humors, your doshas, you may feel certain type of emotions or symptoms more easily than others constitutions.

This will help you to define yourself a little more precisely and then begin a lifestyle adapted to your physiology and so your needs.

Know your Vata nature for your ayurvedic therapy

Vata constitution and therapy

If you are predominantly Vata, you tend to get cold easily and often prefer to wear a sweater or a shawl even when others are not cold. You are the first to complain when a room is too cold. Sleeping with extra blankets is your way to be. You often have a lower body weight which is reflected in your long narrow bones.

You often have dry skin, dry eyes and a dry colon which often causes constipation and gas.

Your mobile nature is seen in their quick vocal patterns and talkative nature. It can also be seen in your tendency to scatter and overwhelm more easily. You often have a fragile nervous disposition. So your challenge are to stay focused.

Know your Pitta Nature for your ayurvedic therapy

Pitta constitution and therapy

If you have more pitta in your nature, you feel most often warm. You are likely to be the first to want to turn on the air conditioner and remove the blankets on a hot night. Because you have a greater amount of internal heat.

Heat often builds up in the intestines and leads to softer, looser stools or diarrhea.

Your body is moderate, not very heavy or very thin with good muscle development. You can develop red rashes or acne and is often oily. Your speech is clear and precise. But your targeted and direct language and actions may irritate other people, and you can be counted on to get the job done. You most often have a passionate and intense disposition. Your challenge revolves around a lack of patience for those who aren’t as focused and organized.

Know your Kapha nature

Kapha constitution and therapy

With a predominant Kapha, you have a heavy nature and your body is stocky. This does not mean that people with a kapha nature are overweight. No, your natural body type is denser than others. You bones are shorter and thicker. Often your neck seem to sit close to your shoulders and your fingers are short and thick.

What really identifies that your are a kapha-natured person is your slower, easy-going nature. You speak and move slowly and are unlikely to get angry. Which is a good point!

So your challenges: getting motivated and your lack of spontaneity. On the other hand, once a person of kapha nature has made up their mind, they are unlikely to change it.

Next, I will continue to tell you about constitutions and your social lives. I think it’s going to make you smile it’s so realistic
and useful to take care of yourself and be aware of what to do. If you follow my blog, you will be able to built your own natural therapy by knowing and nourishing yourself.

You wish to go more deeper in the knowledge of your Self, then read this complete article: the qualities of your doshas. You will open doors to your natural healing.

Become yourself again! And take care .

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See you soon!


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